CHAS is a world-class wooden furniture manufacturer specialized in classic design; hand-carved by Indonesian craftsmen.

Indonesia Hand-Carved Wooden Furniture

Our Expertise

About Us

CHAS was founded in 1990 by Mrs. Noor Chasanah from Jepara, An Indonesian woman who truly appreciate art in the form of classic hand-carved wooden furniture. For her, it is a valuable piece of art; a high-value investment; valuable for its functionality and its ability to create serenity in mind.

Our Mission

To manufacture valuable pieces of solid wood furniture in classic design;  hand-carved by Indonesia craftsmen, with world-class standard  in designs, materials and productions.


Experienced for more than decades in creating harmony at your home, through classic design in various styles; Italian, European, American, Indonesian, and Modern-Classic.

Classic Design - Customization

CHAS furniture is carefully designed in such a way to create harmony in the space available. The furniture can be customized to be able to represent the souls of every owner while creating serenity at home; made it one-and-only furniture, as added values of CHAS owner.

Wood Carving

The form of art that is beautifully executed by Jepara craftsmen in our wooden furniture; creating a high value masterpiece in every furniture.

Premium Material

Prioritizing on quality and durability, CHAS does not compromise on material selection. The material used by CHAS has been carefully selected through quality standards procedures.

Jepara Craftman, Indonesia

Based on the pride of our own local craftsmanship, CHAS  empowers excellent craftsmen from Jepara to create wooden furniture through manufacturing and carving techniques that are continually improved to ensure the best quality standards- through CHAS from Indonesia to the world.

Chas Since 1990